Below you will find the questions frequently asked by our customers. My Sun Solarium answers!

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The ultraviolet cabin or solarium is a device that allows you to tan using artificial ultraviolet rays emitted by lamps. Just like during sun exposure, the production of melanin is stimulated, giving the skin a darker color in only a few minutes. To ensure an even tan, our professional UV booths are equipped with two types of lamps:

- Lamps that emit low-pressure UV for the body for a quick tan

- High-pressure UV lamps for the face and chest. The skin on the face tans more easily than the skin on the body, and a greater amount of UVA rays allows for a tanned complexion in a few minutes.

Yes, it is important to remember that UV rays penetrate your skin and your eyelids are very thin. To prevent the rays from reaching and damaging your retina, you must wear UV glasses to protect yourself. Our tanning centers have them available.

Between the first and second session, you must respect a 48-hour waiting period.

Yes, the only difference is the exposure time; this is controlled in the tanning booths and not outside. A 20-minute exposure in a tanning booth corresponds to the tanning result obtained in about three hours in the natural sun.

Session Tanning time Amount of tanning in J/m2 Contribution to the annual dose in J/m2
1st session in case of non-tanned skin 5 Min 100 120
2nd session in case of non-tanned skin 10 Min
12 Min
14 Min
Follow-up session 16 Min 290 384
Follow-up session 18 Min 325 432
Follow-up session 20 Min 360 480
Follow-up session 22 Min 395 528
Follow-up session 24 Min 435 576
Follow-up session 26 Min 470 624
Follow-up session 28 Min 505 672
Follow-up session 30 Min 540 720
Follow-up session (max. 600 J/m2) 33 Min 600 792
Please enter the amount of radiation and the annual dose according to the duration of your session in your "Personal Tanning Schedule for solarium users »

Respect a 48 hour delay between two sessions.

When a radiation level of 3000 J/m2 (weighted for erythema) is reached, the series of sessions must be interrupted for 3 weeks. A new series of sessions can then begin.