Take a rainbow bath


With Rainbow, discover a brand new solarium concept that combines the effects of four light spectrums for the different layers of the skin. These rainbow lamps are composed of 4 different colors.

bronzage solarium

The tanning bed with Rainbow lights uses the color spectrum of light, which enhances well-being and creates diversity and a positive mood. Soft red, refreshing yellow, harmonious green and energetic blue envelop the body like a rainbow.

What are the four light colors for?

Blue light for pure, flawless skin

Blue light strengthens the immune system, regenerates and vitalizes the skin significantly.

Green light for regeneration & relaxation

The green light ensures relaxation, stress is reduced more easily and the skin can regenerate more quickly.

Red light for a beautiful and smooth skin

Red light supports the natural production of collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin. Wrinkles disappear and the skin looks young and beautiful.

Yellow light for the joy of the sun

The yellow light ensures a good mood and, thanks to the special UV-B light, also ensures the formation of the vital vitamin D.

The benefits of RainbowLight:

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