Luxura Vegaz

New at My Sun Solarium

The new Luxura VEGAZ is superb in both design and size! Every detail of this high-end product is well thought out, newly designed and perfectly amplifies the other details.

Innovative lighting technology, stunning design and sensational quality - that's what VEGAZ that you will find in My Sun Solarium tanning centers

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Luxura vegaz solarium

Maxlight Premium & IP Control 2

Lamp innovation is taken to the next level with Maxlight PREMIUM lamps, which are pioneering in every respect.

Thanks to the use of a special blue phosphor, PREMIUM lamps create a deep blue light in a light spectrum
inventive with an optimal balance between UVA and UVB.

The result is extraordinarily intense pigmentation. In addition, Maxlight PREMIUM lamps produce a UV
technically superior over the entire length of the lamp, for a beautiful, even tan.

VEGAZ combines innovative lamps Maxlight PREMIUM Blue and PREMIUM Red.
Red, combining an intense tan with a touch of skin care. The light spectrum
and the positioning of the blue and red lamps are perfectly adapted to ensure
a beautiful and intense tan.


This intelligent power control system guarantees an optimal UV exposure of 0.3 W/m2,
as required by European regulations, throughout the life of the lamps.
IP Control extends the life of the lamps and ensures consistent optimum performance throughout their life cycle.
In addition, the new IP Control 2 system allows each lamp to be controlled individually, so that the lamps
the farthest from the body are supplied with more power to compensate for the distance. This ensures that every part of the body
receives the same UV exposure of 0.3 W/m2. In addition, this results in energy savings of up to 25% for the operation

Qsens + Xsens III

With Qsens, a cool mist is sprayed over the user's entire body during the tanning session.
Tanners choose to take advantage of the fixed intervals or manually activate the cool mist to cool down.
VEGAZ has two nozzles, perfectly placed to refresh the body of the tanned person and improve the general feeling of well-being.

With Xsens III, three different fragrances are available to the tanner. The client chooses a fragrance at the beginning of the session and
can change during the tanning process.

Different delicious flavors:

  • Ocean
  • Blossom
  • Sandalwood

Temperature control

The temperature control allows you to set your preferred temperature,
which then remains constant throughout the tanning session.

Color screen

Check out the unique color screen. It's eye-catching and makes you want to browse
immediately among its options.

  • Sleek and elegant design with truly intuitive handling
  • Smart Touch menu with easily understandable icons
  • Different functions can be configured as desired
  • Within easy reach inside the canopy
  • Well protected by an acrylic sheet
  • Very bright - the screen is easily readable, even with protective glasses.

UV-LED tanning booster

VEGAZ definitely holds the world premiere of the UV-LED technology for high-end tanning beds.
Specially developed for a massive increase in performance in the decisive light spectrum.

establishes a whole new level of facial tanning: a tanning effect
immediately visible and improved.
Another unique feature of this technical innovation is that the LED light is distributed perfectly
evenly and optimally over the entire face area, thanks to a unique reflector housing.

SoundAround Plus

VEGAZ now allows you to listen to music wirelessly from any smartphone via Bluetooth.
There's even a special smartphone slot in the great design! Just place the phone at the
At the tip of the head and off you go. The intuitive Luxura display makes it easy to select the music and

Naturally, the VEGAZ offers full 3D sound stacks and a W-LAN connection for listening to the radio
on the Internet, etc. 

Shoulder Tanner

VEGAZ solves all the tanning problems you've experienced, including body parts
the most difficult to tan.

Perfectly integrated into the design, the shoulder bronzer integrated works with the new highlight
visual and functional of VEGAZ: the reflection area of the neck.

Perfect tanning performance in the neck and shoulder area is guaranteed.

Ergonomic surface

ContourPlus, the ergonomically shaped tilting acrylic surface,
makes lying down as comfortable as possible.

Below is a list of My Sun Solarium tanning centers that have a Luxura Vegaz machine

  • Bern

Bielstrasse 17
3270 Aarberg
+41 79 250 47 86

  • Bern

Stauffacherstrasse 5
3014 Bern
+41 79 250 47 86

  • Bern

Mühlestrasse 46B
2504 Biel
+41 79 616 31 97

  • Bern

Hauptstrasse 16
2563 Ipsach
+41 79 250 47 86

  • Neuchâtel

Place du Marché 2
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
+41 79 616 31 97

  • Neuchâtel

Grande-Rue 24
2400 Le Locle
+41 79 616 31 97

  • Bern

Kirchstrasse 9
3097 Liebefeld
+41 79 250 47 86

  • Bern

Bahnhofstrasse 15
3250 Lyss
+41 79 250 47 86

  • Neuchâtel

Route des Gouttes-d'Or 17
2000 Neuchâtel
+41 79 616 31 97

  • Neuchâtel

Rue de Neuchâtel 6
2034 Peseux
+41 79 616 31 97

  • Bern

Bernstrasse 123
3052 Zollikofen
+41 79 250 47 86